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Awards Committee:
Nancy Barta (Chair), Deb Levine, Lois Penkos, Diane Riccolo. (Volunteer(s) needed to track Education credits and develope Medals program.) Award ideas and comments can be sent to Nancy Barta at

The committee wanted to play down the competitive nature of awards (high score wins) and concentrate on rewarding personal accomplishments. These are the established Award Programs and a few we are working on.

Goal Sheet Awards
By attending the Awards Banquet and submitting 5 goals you wish attain in the current year you are eligible for Goal Sheet Awards.

EIDEA Freestyle Test Sheets for Intro & Training Levels
Freestyle dressage tests are ridden to music. Dressage movements and figures are choreographed to meet the technical requirements for each level. Combining the individual movements with the perfect music produces beautiful performances where horse and rider appear to dance. While the USDF offers test from First to Fourth levels, Awards Committee member, Megan Ward, has created test sheets for Intro and Training Level Freestyle competition for schooling shows. EIDEA is making them available for any schooling show that would like to use them. Click here to download PDF test sheets

EIDEA Schooling Show Awards
The EIDEA Awards Committee supports local Dressage and Eventing Schooling Shows by offering prizes. To make it fair and fun, an EIDEA Award is often given to the winner of one class at the show and another award is given specifically to an EIDEA Member who participated as a competitor in the show. The chosen class and EIDEA member name are drawn out of a hat. If you would like to donate items for future show awards contact the Awards Committee.

EIDEA Education Credits
Criteria: Members will earn one credit per EIDEA Educational meeting. Additional credits may be earned for attending USDF, USEA or USEF sponsored events. Programs must be educational learning experiences. (Examples: scribing for the Learners Judge program or attending regional workshop). To earn credits for programs other than EIDEA Educational Meetings members must submit a report to the Awards Committee within 30 days of event. All reports will be turned over to the Newsletter Editor for possible publication. Credit is cumulative and can be earned over an unlimited number of years. Awards will be presented annually at a meeting to be established.

10 credits – Certificate
25 credits - Diploma
50 credits - Bronze Diploma
75 credits - Silver Diploma
100 credits - Gold Diploma

Medals Program for Accomplishment
We like the idea of USDF’s Medal system where a member is rewarded for their show accomplishments. We are developing the criteria.