Digital Photo Retouch

We scan your photo and work from a digital file, we do not restore or retouch the original . We remove scratches, spots, tears, or entire objects. We can crop, combine, change contrast or coloring and then print a photo or negative of the your new improved picture. Saved as a digital file your new picture is ready for pre press design and layout.

About the Samples

Getting the prospect's attention is no problem for Event Services, Inc. Their presentation folder has a dynamic centerfold graphic.

But what you don't see is what we are most proud of.

We used computer digital photo retouch to remove a house, a lamp post, a seam in the tent, shadows, and glare from the original picture.

We even added more leaves to the trees. With Digital Photo Retouch, the sky is the limit!

Well not really,
on the sky we removed part of a cloud
and made it a prettier blue.